Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY-new take on a book cover

Do you remember back when you were in high school, and your teachers had you make those book covers out of paper bags? Well, mine always forced me to.
I got this new journal from Modcloth, it was a massive splurge at 20 dollars (including shipping). Instead of journal paper, each spread is a different skyscape.  This one is my favorite. :)

This is what the cover looks like.
Skywriting Journal
I didn't like the cover, because I thought it was too self-explanatory. I mean, it's a journal that says journal on the front. It's like I put a huge sign on it that says "I HAVE SECRET THINGS INSIDE ME, SNATCH ME AND READ ME."
So I took a paper bag, spray painted it blue, and made myself an old school book cover.

Later, I might paint a hot air balloon on the cover, or something. If I make any more changes, I'll be sure to post pics!

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