Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY-Seashell Earrings

During the summer, two of my friends and I went down to a local park and while we were there, we meandered down by the little creek that runs through the middle of our small town, and picked up little shells and minuscule pine cones to keep as treasures.
I ended up putting mine in one of my jewelry boxes, shutting them away for a few months.
 Meanwhile, exploring the internet, I found this website called BeadCrafty, based in Great Britain, that sells really cheap jewelry supplies. Needing earrings supplies for something unrelated, I found I had some left over, and so I decided to make use of these treasures that were doing nothing but gathering dust.
Here are the fruits of my labor, I hope that you like them!
 I made two pairs, one big and one small. For both, I tried to pick pairs of shells that looked somewhat alike, with similar hues of brown and taupe.

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