Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I love college.

So far, my popular literature class is my favorite. It's like AP Literature, the hard as shit class that I had in my senior year of high school, but much more relaxed, much more interesting, and I actually enjoy the teacher. Not to knock my high school Lit teacher, I liked her as a person, but she had too much of an insane desire for control and picked too many favorites to be a good teacher. The only people who enjoyed her class were the ones who got A's on every single assignment, simply because she liked them. I was a B to C student in her class, which is considered to be good for not being one of her favorites. There were a few students who got D's on their assignments no matter how much work they put into them, and it was these students who in turn started skipping essays near the end of the year. Because, after all, they figured, if they weren't going to get a good grade anyway, why even try?
Personally I disagree with that mindset. Even if you don't think you're going to do well, you should always try. Even a bad grade is better than a big, fat ZERO.
Buuuuttt.....back to my suitcase!!!
This is a wicker picnic suitcase. It came with it's own dinnerware, which is what all of the faux leather straps are for. You can see I've got it all packed with my textbooks, notebooks, folders, and even a book for some light reading. I also added some pens and my mp3 player, Hello Kitty thermos and mirror and my "Life isn't that hard" bandaids, all of which have rude messages on them, like "Emotional wound," "kitty scratch," etc. I also tossed in my 50's clutch purse, which contains my wallet and a little mint tin full of headache medicine, just in case. 
The book buckled in happens to be Charlotte Bronte's Villette, which intrigued me from the moment that I saw it had received many poor reviews in its time. It's merely a rental, picked up from the library, but I really love it so far. There were a few beginning scenes that I haven't seen the point of yet, but I'm only one hundred pages in, I'm sure it'll be revealed soon. 
Here's another picture for you, for the road:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When life gives you lemons, garnish your iced tea.

Two posts in one day! I know it, I'm getting insistent. So far, I've turned three situations that were EUUUGh completely on their heads. No, no, make that four. I forgot the one that wasn't fashion related. I needed to create an account online, for my community college that I go to, but it kept telling me my information was incorrect when I was entering it all in perfectly. Turns out, I was using the wrong browser. GRCC doesn't take Google Chrome. So I was forced to add a stupid Internet Explorer icon on my desktop, but it was all worth it, because now I can submit and have access to assignments online, not to mention get the instructions for how to write a reading journal, the first of which is due tomorrow. I just hope that my brother hasn't gotten rid of his printer, or else I'm screwed.
Now for my more interesting scenarios. The first one was a dress that I overpaid for on Ebay, and to add to that, it arrived damaged with a no returns policy. And the buttons turned out to be cheap and plastic, topped with rhinestones. I'm really not a fan of rhinestones on clothing. I don't hate them as much as I hate sequins, but I don't like them either. As if this wasn't enough, the contrast of black and white that looked cute in the picture turned out to look maid-like on me. Here's what I did:
1. I sewed up the large hole where the seam had split. By hand, because I still haven't learned how to use my sewing machine (online sewing lessons are on my To-Do list once I get my next paycheck).
2. I bought Rit dye and dyed the white trim purple.
3. I snipped off the horrid buttons (I might make them into earrings though, they would look cute and vintage-y).
The end result:
It still needs a little bit of work. I'm probably going to snip off the lace trim going vertically on the chest (it's uneven and coming loose anyway), and change the belt into a bow or something, because I don't really like the buckle. Still, it's a dress that I like now, and I wore it out to get my mail today. 

And SPEAKING of mail...and of Ebay....remember a few posts back when I talked about my Ebay addiction and how financially drained I am? To recap, spent 1,000 dollars in a month, ended up (thank God) with 180 dollars left over. The last dress that I purchased on Ebay just came today, and I think that it's my favorite purchase so far. 
It fits perfectly, it's comfy, and it's perfect for my dress-loving personality and for winter. 
It's a sweater dress!
I tried it on as soon as I got home, hence the same tights and shoes as the last picture. I'm definitely going to have to wear some tights with it (probably double layered or heavier or both!), and I don't know yet if I'm going to wear it to school. I have to do a test run of the school's heating system yet, by stealthily bringing a cardigan with me to class. If I end up not needing it, then odds are a sweater or sweater dress would make me overheat. Either way, this is a great dress to go to the mall in. And it's not tight or short!!! 

The last one is a DIY idea I got today for a piece of my jewelry which I'd wanted for a long time, only to have it break the day I bought it. You see, for a while, a few of the goth/emo girls at my school had come to school with octopus lockets, and I absolutely DROOLED over them, but I'm painfully and incurably shy, so I never plucked up the courage to ask these lovely ladies where they'd gotten them. One day, Leah, one of my friends, comes to school wearing the same one, and I get it out of her that these lockets can be purchased inexpensively at Walmart or Meijer (I don't remember which one she said). I found them, at Walmart, on sale for 50 cents each. I was ecstatic, bought one, and as soon as I opened it at home, it broke. 
That was a few months ago. No, more than a few months ago, because I was still dating my asshole of an ex-boyfriend. I don't believe I discovered how much of an asshole he really was until I found out what he was doing behind my back the entire time we were together. But that's an angry rant for another time. 
So, around February or before, the locket breaks. You'd think it wouldn't have taken me so long to figure out a solution. But today I realized that I could just superglue the octopus part to a ring base, and use Modge Podge (that might be spelled wrong, I haven't looked at the bottle in a while) on the back of it, with some of my heart fabric,  to make this little creation....
This plus I'm currently working on a ring for a friend and fellow crafter! I'm really excited about it, and I'll post pictures once it's finished!

I should probably work on my novel (all three of them)

Today, I'm off from college. I have taken advantage of this day to sleep in until 1 and watch movies about Nazis. I find that the reason I don't watch a lot of movies is the fact that I don't know when actors that I love are in them. For instance, nobody ever told me that Matt Damon starred in The Bourne series. Right now I'm watching Valkyrie, which no one ever told me Tom Cruise starred in.
I should probably find something better to do, like continue my writing. I have a habit of starting writing projects and not finishing them. The most current one is about a post-apocalyptic world from all views. It's told via numerous short stories, and it's going to be fairly expansive if I ever finish it. It also might be a bit to all over the place for anyone to actually publish, so I'm just writing it for the love of writing it. That's really why I write everything.

Artwork and such.

Today was my first day of college. It was fine, I'm really excited about my Art History and Popular Literature classes. I also have a class called CLS-100, which is an introduction to college life and social norms, and it appears as though it is going to be boring but easy. Upon searching through my linen-turned-storage closet for the notebooks I hoarded back when they were 17 cents each, I found my sketchbook that I tucked away a few weeks ago when I was frantically cleaning my room.
Here are some of my drawings:

 I was originally going to redo this as a painting, but never really got around to it.
 Purple and black plaid dress with peplum. I have not actually made this yet.
Romper inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." I haven't made this either.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The garden dress okay, to help myself along with my new outlook, I'm going to revamp an old maternity dress of my mother's. She made this herself, although she's never been very good at sewing. When I was little, until about the time I turned 12 or so, my family had absolutely no money. Most of the pictures of me as a little girl have me in little outfits that she sewed herself. After going through my entire personal stock of photos (and a couple postcards from the Third Reich) I found this:
It's almost as blurry in person, haha. This is a picture of me in one of the dresses that my mom made for me. 
Now! For pictures of the dress that I am going to revamp.....wait for it...
Wait for it....
 This is the giant, shapeless monster. It has no zippers or buttons, and absolutely no form or shape whatsoever.
This is a closeup of the pattern. You've got to admit, that's a lot of tomatoes. 

Don't worry, my mother knows and is very encouraging of my latest project. 
I was thinking that I would separate the bodice from the skirt and just tailor it to fit my shape, and add in a zipper. The skirt I was going to recut and make it shorter and more aline. 

Merely this and nothing more

The "Just covered part of my brother's early morning shift because he was bitten by a bat in his sleep" playlist.

Yeah, like the title suggests, I was just dragged out of bed at about 8 (doesn't seem bad, but in teenage hours, that's like 4 in the morning) because Sam had a bat in his room and it bit him. My frantic mother (who has quite a phobia of bats) dragged him to the emergency room to get several rabies shots. My boss, Mike, who himself was covering someone else's shift, was nice enough to give me a ride in, and then he bought me donuts. I made the unwise decision to save these for after I was done with sauce, for after two batches of sauce and numerous interruptions later, my brother came in to relieve me of duty. I only got one tiny donut hole. :(

1. "You're the Storm" The Cardigans

2. "Shake Me Down" Cage the Elephant

3. "How Much More" The Go-Gos

4. "Silence and the End of All Things" Chameleon Circuit

5. "The Perfect Plan" And the Chorus

6. "Because We're Dead" Slow Club

7. "I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You" Black Kids

8. "Blink" Chameleon Circuit

9. "Sha La La La La" Heavy Young Heathens

It's a mix of everything, I know, but it's what I like.
Also, there's something else I'd like to bring up:
In my community, two days ago, there was a car accident involving three boys from my high school, all of which were 16. One of them, Wyatt, was killed. Another one, John, survived with a busted shoulder, but a third boy, Sean is currently fighting for his life. He has a head injury, damage to his spine, a broken femur, a broken fibula, and two blown out knees. I don't really know John or Sean, but I did know Wyatt, mainly from classes. My brother used to be close friends with his older brother, and his father is a playwright who is one of the nicest people I know, and very beloved in our town. He is the last person who would ever deserve tragedy.
I'm not really the praying type, but these families need all the solace they can get. So please, keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fixing my own problems. Again.

So today, I get home from a friend's house, and what do I see sitting on the table, waiting for me? A bank statement. Nothing scary about that, right? It's just a piece of paper. Well, I opened it up, to find that in the last month, I have spent almost 1,000 dollars.
Now, you might wonder, where does one starving college student get money like this? Well, I got 600 from my graduation party and around 400 from working.
Because of the money I had in my account already, I still have 180 dollars left. So the damage isn't as bad as it could have been. I could have gone completely into the red and be up to my ears in overdraft fees. This was a close call, and it's up to me that it doesn't happen again.

1. The first step to preventing another happening like this one is to determine the cause. About one hundred of that money was spent on college related expenses, textbooks and the like. That is perfectly excusable. And the rest of it? Well....
It's no secret that I suffer from depression. And shopping makes me happy. I'm always ecstatic to go through piles of clothes and find something new that I can add to my wardrobe. Unfortunately, once I got my debit card, it became very very very very easy to spend all the money I want to, whenever anything upset me or I felt alone. Spending money online was easier than my regular practice of DIYing, because the gratification comes much quicker. All I have to do is type in my Paypal password, and I get the feeling that I've won.

2. Next, I need to own up to my mistakes. I'm 18, I'm an adult, and it's time for me to be responsible for my own actions. Spending exorbitant amounts of money is unacceptable, especially for someone as young and who makes as little as I do. I want to go to school out of state in a few years, and the only way for me to afford that is to have enough money saved up so that I'll need as little money loaned to me as possible.

3. Third step? Repairing the damage. Obviously, this comes slowly, because I only make two hundred, at the best, per paycheck. To help the process along, I've started to sell the unneeded fringes of my wardrobe on Ebay. They were just draped on hangers, collecting dust in my closet anyways. It's better that someone else gets the chance to buy and wear them. I also thought about selling Avon, but I'm way too antisocial for that.

4. And finally, the last step. Prevention. I need to stop myself from ever doing this again. While it's impossible that my depression will just up and leave for good, I can still alter the way that I handle it, to make my coping methods much less self destructive. To help myself with this, I put all of the clothing items that I need to repair or do modifications to on the shelves of my nightstand, and I tacked up pieces of paper that I wrote inspirational things on, to help motivate me not to spend, even when I'm really upset.
Here are a few of them:

 "Norfolk" is a reference to a book that my best friend and I absolutely love. It's called Never Let Me Go, and it was made into a movie a few years ago, but Norfolk isn't really as big a part in the film, which was really disappointing. For those who don't know, in the story, Norfolk is the place where everything lost can be found.

As you can see, I'm going to do my damnedest to make sure that this doesn't happen again! I refuse to let my depressed self take control of my bank account, it's bad enough it's trying to take control of my head.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sweater harvest.

Two days in a row! I'm on a roll. Today I'm all about DIY inspiration and Goodwilling. First, the most important part....MY NEW SWEATERS!!!

I got the three of them at Goodwill for four dollars each, which kind of felt like robbery, mainly because I'm incredibly cheap, and the two last times that I purchased sweaters they were: free for as many I could fit into a bag and the time after that I only spent 50 cents each at my friend's garage sale (she tried to give them to me for free, but I refused to let her). Online, on Ebay and Etsy and all of those types of sites, the cheapest sweaters that I could find were 14 dollars each, and at least I did much much much better than THAT. There was also another sweater at Goodwill that I fell in love with, because it was obviously hand-knitted, but my mom pointed out that I would have had to wash it by hand, and it probably wouldn't have lasted as long. Still, I will pine for it.
The one with the floral pattern on it is undoubtedly my favorite, and it's the only one of the three that I have to pull over my head. 5 seconds after this picture was taken, I was wearing it. 
Now, I must bring up a topic that has been pissing me off for a long while. That is, sites that take vintage items and recreate them and sell them for exorbitant amounts of money compared to what you would pay for the real thing.
For example: Modcloth. One of my absolute favorite websites ever, it is also a huge offender.
On a Casserole Trivet Set
This is a set of potholders that sells for 28 dollars. At both of the little antique shops around the corner from me, you can get ACTUAL vintage potholders for a couple bucks each. The prices generally range from 1.50 to 3 dollars each. In this set, you only get three potholders (the polka dot thing is only the packaging they come in) for 9.33 each. It's absolutely ridiculous, not to mention wasteful! Why purchase something new, then there's something pre-used that is in just as good condition? And if you're worried that the real deal wouldn't be as cute, there's one vintage potholder that's knitted to look like a clock that I always have to talk myself out of buying, because it's so Alice in Wonderland chic!
The Kind Kitchen Canister
This canister/jar sells for 22 dollars, also on Modcloth. For 4 dollars to 6 dollars (depending on size) you can get a just as good, just as cute one. I collect mushroom jars, and have 15 pieces of it so far, and ALL of them have been purchased at Goodwill for reasonable prices. The same goes for cutesy vintage teacups and saucers--I just found a sale at World Mission Thrift the other week where matching teacups and saucers were going for just 1.50 a pop. Buying things in sets also keeps costs down, if you're looking into tea sets and the like.
There are also blankets on Urban Outfitters (that I couldn't retrieve a picture of, due to the website's sneakiness and usage of the zoom tool) that are knitted to look like vintage blankets and are on sale for 20 dollars (originally 49...can you believe that??). If you don't believe me, you can see them on the other end of this link:
  We have two similar ones that we got at Goodwill for 4 dollars each, and I bet you that they'll last longer.
Another thing that I've noticed is that there is a huge surplus of vintage tupperware clogging up the shelves at Goodwill. There is no reason why you have to go out and buy new things of tupperware from stores. The vintage stuff is just as good! Trust me! My mom still uses some of the tupperware that she got when her mom passed and it's great! Airtight just like the newer stuff! If you're really worried about buying used containers, you could just bleach them before you use them, to give you the extra security that there are no remnants of germs on them.
So don't waste your money buying look-alikes!! Buy the real thing! If it's lasted these many years,  you can bet that it's going to hold up just as well for you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Midnight listening and my own little secrets.

It's one in the morning here, and I'm sitting in the dark with Peter, Paul and Mary singing happily in the background about magical dragons and giving life to one of the old patriotic songs that I used to be forced to sing in school. Sipping from a can of off-brand cola that sells for 33 cents around here, I note that it has a faint, chemical undertaste, and I gingerly put it down. (I also notice that I switched tenses between those two sentences, but I like it, so HA.)
For the past couple of months, I've been developing a new interest, and have been keeping it under wraps, for reasons that will be very obvious once I tell you what it is. A few of my friends know about it, but I haven't shown them any of it that I have stored on my computer. Here it goes, I'll try to explain the best I can..
For the past couple months, I've been very interested in vintage erotica. It all started when a friend of mine bought a book of old photographs from the early 20th century. They were all by some photographer that she claimed to have heard of, but I really don't think she had. I fell in love with vintage photography and through many internet searches ended up falling in love with vintage erotica.
Oh dear. Peter, Paul and Mary have stopped singing. One minute, I've got to go turn the record over.
Erotica is more of an art form than just plain pornography. I mean, sure, there is porn to some of it, but there is also a great deal more of it that is poignant, sweet, witty, or even occasionally humorous. There's nothing wrong with vintage erotica! (Although, you can probably imagine why I don't go around telling everyone I meet.) My favorite decade of erotica is the 1920s. I love the hairstyles, the lingerie they wear, the cheeky grins of the flapper girls.
Here are some of my favorite (and appropriate) erotica pictures.
Just doing makeup.

This one is my profile photo on various websites. I just love the bored, unimpressed look on her face. 

Just a sweet, smiling girl lounging on her bed in her lingerie. 

This picture always captivates me. I love the way she looks skyward, with a sense of urgency. 

Just lounging with her cigarette. 

A soft kiss goodnight. 


 Believe it or not, this was actually considered to be lesbian pornography way back in the day. Not hardcore, definitely of a milder sort, but still. I, personally, don't read anything sexual about this picture at all. 

This one is absolutely my favorite. I just found it today and was completely in love as soon as I saw it. 

This woman reminds me of a circus performer or something. Maybe she is one. :)

This is another of my favorites. The contrast between the two is so completely entrancing. The one who is proudly displaying her sexuality is so obviously in control, and the other, the one in the robe is looking at her with a glance of...jealousy? Is she impressed? Does she feel self conscious? 

 And last but not least...this one. This is another one that I love because of the look on her face. She looks so wistful, like she's daydreaming of something or someone very far away.

There were a few of my absolute favorites that I did not feel comfortable posting, due to the nudity in them.

If these pictures have inspired you to be interested in vintage erotica at all, check out I would say that the mix is about half and half, artistic erotica and pornographic, but if you sort through it, you can find some that are really visually gorgeous. Sifting through pages of archives, I came across one stunning picture of a nude woman standing on the trail of a comet, with her hair turning into stars.
The oddest part of these pictures is that they've gotten me to thinking about my future. Not that I think I'm going to end up as a nude model or anything, that's not it. Especially with the recent departure of a good friend of mine, who went to chase her dreams an entire state away, the future has been on my mind. Where in the world is there a place for someone like me? I'm sure that's a question that everyone asks themselves at one point or another in their lives, but it's really starting to eat me up. How do I know what dreams I should pursue? What state should I move to? Do I really want to be a fashion designer? Should I have cast aside my other artistic interests like I did? What if I pursued painting, began practicing at it again, became better at it, where would it lead me? What if I picked up a camera and became a photographer?
And the biggest question of long can I contain my wanderlust? How long will I be here, sitting in Michigan, damn near miserable, typing away on this computer about the life I wish I had? I know I've told people that I'm living at home for two years, getting my Associate's Degree before I transfer to a big university, but I hate being here so much. I hate the relationship I have with my mother. I hate that I don't see my friends anymore. I hate all the secrets I keep from people. I hate being couped up in this house for 18 hours in a day. I hate the fact that Spell Check says I spelled "couped" wrong. I HATE BEING DRAGGED TO FOOTBALL GAMES AND OPERA CONCERTS AND GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE.
I just wish that I could go somewhere different, where people actually care about what I want to do, and listen to me when I talk. I wish I could go somewhere where I could cry when I'm sad and not be made fun of. I wish I could be "Leaving on a Jetplane" with Peter, Paul and Mary.
Whoa. It feels good to finally get all of that off of my chest. It's been bottling up inside of me for quite a long time. Now, how does that relate to these pictures? Well, in these pictures, I just see pieces of these women. I feel like I get a story from these pictures, even the ones that are as simple as a woman bending over to fix her stocking. What's my story then? I don't even know if the part of it that's worth telling has started to happen yet. But that's what's so good about the early years of life, isn't it? They're all about discovery and filling diaries with story.
Anyway, that's all for tonight. I have to get some sleep or I'll be completely dead tomorrow. Here's one last piece of vintage erotica for the road. This one is from the 60s.
I don't know what she's crying over, but I feel like I could relate. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Billy Joel and a house full of noise.

I went on a record buying binge today. There's a little antique shop in my town where they're only a dollar each. Actually, I correct myself--there are TWO little antique shops in my town where records are only a dollar each. I ended up picking out six of them: Billy Joel's "Piano Man"; Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume II, The Pretenders' "Get Close"; Peter, Paul, and Mary's "Moving"; the BeeGees' "Trafalgar"; and John Denver's "I Want To Live". I know those semicolons look weird, but I looked it up, that's how the list is grammatically correct. Blame Peter, Paul, and Mary for screwing up my commas! (I'm only joking, of course).
At the moment, I am listening to Billy Joel on what is nearly full volume for my record player. You know what's ironic? People talk about wanting to move to small towns because they're quieter. I disagree, I think they're sometimes louder than big cities. In big cities like New York, all the noise blends as one and almost turns into background noise. In small towns, you can freaking hear everything. Every dog, every crying baby, every construction project, every passing car. I can tell you for certain that almost every night, like clockwork, I get woken up around 3 in the morning by a crowd of drunks that live one street over from me.
I'm not going to lie, there are many aspects of small town life that I absolutely love. Anywhere you live, there are going to be problems and little things you have to overlook.
Right now, I am using Billy Joel in an attempt to drown out my neighbor, Captain Hammer, and his construction project, as well as the 4 screaming children across the street from me that are apparently killing each other. To compete with those two, I also have a deaf dog, who is whining at the top of his breath for my mom's food, right outside my door. I don't usually complain this much about noise, but for some reason, tonight it's just driving me up the wall.
For DIY work, I've been doing a lot of dyeing lately. I'm really working on this shirt that I'm trying to do a galaxy design on, and I'm not sure how it's going to turn out, but hopefully well.
To end this post, I'm going to add a picture of Nigel, who is cuddling with me right now. He wants me to finish blogging so that I'll let him come on my lap and nuzzle me.

It's an old one that I took when I was borrowing the newspaper camera a few months ago, but I promise, he's still just as adorable. <3

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My post office is going to hate me

So, today I'm in Payless, the shoe store, right? This girl charges into the store, walks headfirst into a shelf, and then turns to me and snottily remarks, "EXCUSE you." I'm really starting to lose faith in my generation. You have no idea.
It was my first trip to the mall in months, today, and I forgot how much I love that place. The hustle and bustle, being able to stare at many different articles of clothing that I wish I could buy but have the restraint not to. It was an odd trip today, mainly for one reason. You see, for the past two days, I've only been able to hear out of one ear.
It's not as though I can really hear anything out of the other. There's just nothing. I woke up yesterday and was like this. I have no idea really why. My mom went to the store and got me a special type of ear drops, so we'll see if it does the trick. I'm supposed to put in ten drops, once a day, for four days. At the end of day one, I must say, there's absolutely no difference. It's kind of starting to worry me, not because of my loss of hearing (I'm sure wearing a hearing aid wouldn't bother me much) but because I have to WORK tomorrow, and they already think I'm an absolute moron, and if I show up as a half-deaf, absolute moron......well, let's just say I'm absolutely dreading it. Oh, and the "they" who think that I'm a moron...pretty much just my manager. Every one else that I work with is absolutely amazing. And I'm not just saying that or anything, I seriously mean it.
So, what did I get today at the mall...well, I would include pictures, but sadly my camera has no batteries, so those will have to wait. I can, however, tell you. From Hot Topic I got a scarf and a pair of Mockingjay earrings. From Barnes and Noble I got a copy of J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan. From Claire's I got a set of animal rings that I'm going to distribute amongst  my friends (due to the fact that 2 of the 4 of us are leaving for college this weekend). I spent a Victoria's Secret gift card (but for what items will be MY secret). That's pretty much it. I went into Charlotte Russe and Forever 21, but was put off by the difference in prices. The first time I ever went to Charlotte Russe, I got a gorgeous dress for 10 dollars. Today, I went in and the dresses that were on sale were 20 dollars at the cheapest. Life has gotten so ridiculous.
Now, the title for this post. Why does my post office hate me? Well, my lovelies, due to my recent Ebay addiction and according to the USPS website, I have 12 packages, without my box number on them, waiting  for me there. They get a bit rude when I have single packages without my box number, so they're probably going to be waiting for me tomorrow with a crossbow and a freshly sharpened spear. I'm so sorry, Post Office Ladies, I thought I'd added my box number into my Ebay address, I swear....but it turned out I hadn't.
Anyway, I can offer you pictures of my Ebay purchases, so enjoy. Oh, and 9 of those items are part of a lot, which is why they're all in the picture together...all of these pictures were taken from Ebay.

Once again Post Office ladies, I'm really sorry! I'm never going to forget my box number again...