Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I love college.

So far, my popular literature class is my favorite. It's like AP Literature, the hard as shit class that I had in my senior year of high school, but much more relaxed, much more interesting, and I actually enjoy the teacher. Not to knock my high school Lit teacher, I liked her as a person, but she had too much of an insane desire for control and picked too many favorites to be a good teacher. The only people who enjoyed her class were the ones who got A's on every single assignment, simply because she liked them. I was a B to C student in her class, which is considered to be good for not being one of her favorites. There were a few students who got D's on their assignments no matter how much work they put into them, and it was these students who in turn started skipping essays near the end of the year. Because, after all, they figured, if they weren't going to get a good grade anyway, why even try?
Personally I disagree with that mindset. Even if you don't think you're going to do well, you should always try. Even a bad grade is better than a big, fat ZERO.
Buuuuttt.....back to my suitcase!!!
This is a wicker picnic suitcase. It came with it's own dinnerware, which is what all of the faux leather straps are for. You can see I've got it all packed with my textbooks, notebooks, folders, and even a book for some light reading. I also added some pens and my mp3 player, Hello Kitty thermos and mirror and my "Life isn't that hard" bandaids, all of which have rude messages on them, like "Emotional wound," "kitty scratch," etc. I also tossed in my 50's clutch purse, which contains my wallet and a little mint tin full of headache medicine, just in case. 
The book buckled in happens to be Charlotte Bronte's Villette, which intrigued me from the moment that I saw it had received many poor reviews in its time. It's merely a rental, picked up from the library, but I really love it so far. There were a few beginning scenes that I haven't seen the point of yet, but I'm only one hundred pages in, I'm sure it'll be revealed soon. 
Here's another picture for you, for the road:

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