Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My post office is going to hate me

So, today I'm in Payless, the shoe store, right? This girl charges into the store, walks headfirst into a shelf, and then turns to me and snottily remarks, "EXCUSE you." I'm really starting to lose faith in my generation. You have no idea.
It was my first trip to the mall in months, today, and I forgot how much I love that place. The hustle and bustle, being able to stare at many different articles of clothing that I wish I could buy but have the restraint not to. It was an odd trip today, mainly for one reason. You see, for the past two days, I've only been able to hear out of one ear.
It's not as though I can really hear anything out of the other. There's just nothing. I woke up yesterday and was like this. I have no idea really why. My mom went to the store and got me a special type of ear drops, so we'll see if it does the trick. I'm supposed to put in ten drops, once a day, for four days. At the end of day one, I must say, there's absolutely no difference. It's kind of starting to worry me, not because of my loss of hearing (I'm sure wearing a hearing aid wouldn't bother me much) but because I have to WORK tomorrow, and they already think I'm an absolute moron, and if I show up as a half-deaf, absolute moron......well, let's just say I'm absolutely dreading it. Oh, and the "they" who think that I'm a moron...pretty much just my manager. Every one else that I work with is absolutely amazing. And I'm not just saying that or anything, I seriously mean it.
So, what did I get today at the mall...well, I would include pictures, but sadly my camera has no batteries, so those will have to wait. I can, however, tell you. From Hot Topic I got a scarf and a pair of Mockingjay earrings. From Barnes and Noble I got a copy of J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan. From Claire's I got a set of animal rings that I'm going to distribute amongst  my friends (due to the fact that 2 of the 4 of us are leaving for college this weekend). I spent a Victoria's Secret gift card (but for what items will be MY secret). That's pretty much it. I went into Charlotte Russe and Forever 21, but was put off by the difference in prices. The first time I ever went to Charlotte Russe, I got a gorgeous dress for 10 dollars. Today, I went in and the dresses that were on sale were 20 dollars at the cheapest. Life has gotten so ridiculous.
Now, the title for this post. Why does my post office hate me? Well, my lovelies, due to my recent Ebay addiction and according to the USPS website, I have 12 packages, without my box number on them, waiting  for me there. They get a bit rude when I have single packages without my box number, so they're probably going to be waiting for me tomorrow with a crossbow and a freshly sharpened spear. I'm so sorry, Post Office Ladies, I thought I'd added my box number into my Ebay address, I swear....but it turned out I hadn't.
Anyway, I can offer you pictures of my Ebay purchases, so enjoy. Oh, and 9 of those items are part of a lot, which is why they're all in the picture together...all of these pictures were taken from Ebay.

Once again Post Office ladies, I'm really sorry! I'm never going to forget my box number again...

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