Monday, August 20, 2012

Billy Joel and a house full of noise.

I went on a record buying binge today. There's a little antique shop in my town where they're only a dollar each. Actually, I correct myself--there are TWO little antique shops in my town where records are only a dollar each. I ended up picking out six of them: Billy Joel's "Piano Man"; Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume II, The Pretenders' "Get Close"; Peter, Paul, and Mary's "Moving"; the BeeGees' "Trafalgar"; and John Denver's "I Want To Live". I know those semicolons look weird, but I looked it up, that's how the list is grammatically correct. Blame Peter, Paul, and Mary for screwing up my commas! (I'm only joking, of course).
At the moment, I am listening to Billy Joel on what is nearly full volume for my record player. You know what's ironic? People talk about wanting to move to small towns because they're quieter. I disagree, I think they're sometimes louder than big cities. In big cities like New York, all the noise blends as one and almost turns into background noise. In small towns, you can freaking hear everything. Every dog, every crying baby, every construction project, every passing car. I can tell you for certain that almost every night, like clockwork, I get woken up around 3 in the morning by a crowd of drunks that live one street over from me.
I'm not going to lie, there are many aspects of small town life that I absolutely love. Anywhere you live, there are going to be problems and little things you have to overlook.
Right now, I am using Billy Joel in an attempt to drown out my neighbor, Captain Hammer, and his construction project, as well as the 4 screaming children across the street from me that are apparently killing each other. To compete with those two, I also have a deaf dog, who is whining at the top of his breath for my mom's food, right outside my door. I don't usually complain this much about noise, but for some reason, tonight it's just driving me up the wall.
For DIY work, I've been doing a lot of dyeing lately. I'm really working on this shirt that I'm trying to do a galaxy design on, and I'm not sure how it's going to turn out, but hopefully well.
To end this post, I'm going to add a picture of Nigel, who is cuddling with me right now. He wants me to finish blogging so that I'll let him come on my lap and nuzzle me.

It's an old one that I took when I was borrowing the newspaper camera a few months ago, but I promise, he's still just as adorable. <3

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  1. LMAO Captain Hammer! That's funny! I'm sure my neighbors often think my sons are killing each other too!