Thursday, August 2, 2012

The I-Hate-Confusing-Websites-That-Make-Me-Cry Playlist

Yeah. So today I was signing up for my first year of classes at the community college I'm taking my first year or so at, and the website was so confusing and impossible to navigate. I finally figured it out after an hour and a half of cursing under my breath and tapping my keyboard way too hard, but then, it just decided to stop working, so I couldn't pay my tuition online. I was so frustrated and tired, I went into my bathroom and cried. I'm usually really good at figuring out websites and such, this one was just laid out by Satan.
Anyways, here are the songs I'm listening to tonight:

1. "Randy Scouse Git" The Monkees

2. "Polish Girl" Neon Indian

3. "The Girl that I Knew Somewhere" The Monkees

4. "Cuddly Toy" The Monkees

5. "Whistle for the Choir" The Fratellis

6. "Lollypop" MIKA

7. "Does Your Mother Know" ABBA

8. "Judy's Turn to Cry" Lesley Gore

9. "Bones" The Editors

10. "Rain" MIKA

Mostly old music and a little bit of pop. For me, these are pick-me-up songs. My brother says that we're going down to the college tomorrow, and that we'll figure something out. Because my tuition is due by midnight, I figure I'll drop my extra classes around 11:30 tonight and re-add them around 1 am or so.


  1. "With heat struck afternoons long through, those idle dreams go back to you, was this only in my head, just like most things go misread, when overthought"
    OBSESSED with Neon Indian !!!! My hubs and I saw him in Seattle last fall, AMAZING show xD

  2. Ahhhhhhhh! You are so freaking lucky!!!