Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time to be a realist

As much as I've loved stockpiling all of these vintage things that I don't really need, like the picnic kit, the 50s cookbook, the clutch purse, the globe, the prom dresses, and such, it's time to look at my life realistically. I want to go to college in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, or Pennsylvania. Originally, England was in that mix, but my goal is to live wherever I go to school, and that plan runs into several hitches when the UK is in the mix.
Here's the issue: if I move across the country for good, I can't do it unless I have adequate finances and minimal baggage. In simpler terms, more money and less stuff.
In this spirit, I am going to open an Etsy store and try to sell my things. In addition to vintage, I'm also going to sell a lot of things that I've made myself. It'll be a 50-50 mixture.  This is probably going to happen in the next month or so. Here is a taste of what I'll be selling:
Original plates, cups, and silverware included. In great condition, except a few plates are warped.
 This clutch has a few tears on the opposite side of it, but they're superficial and aren't that noticeable unless you carry this purse backwards.
 Really really don't know if these books will be in the store, because my father got them for me, and so they're very special to me, but if it comes to it and I desperately need money, I might.
 I'm selling the dress from this picture. Not the veil.
 This is from the nineties, more like a collectible than an actual book you should use the stickers from.
 Vintage brooch. One rhinestone missing, not noticeable. At all.
 Vintage pin, again.
 This is a steampunk chain bracelet that I made myself.
 A Lolita headband that I also made myself.
 Woven bracelet, again made by me.
Studs from the 80s. Marbled turquoise and blue.


  1. Oooo I see all kinds of neat things here! xD you should add WA to your list, we have some amazing colleges here! Plus its beautiful and amazing ;)
    Can't lie, I'm biased ;D

    1. I would love to know about some of them. I'm a bit lost right know, college-wise.