Monday, July 9, 2012

Stressed, depressed, but well-dressed.

Today was my first day in a while getting dressed up and going out on the town. The town, being the pathetic little creation I live in. I walked to the post office, decked out in my vintage duds and carrying my pretty little clutch. After that I walked to the surplus warehouse, snatched up two cans of high quality gold spraypaint for a little more than three dollars, and got weird looks as I carried my prizes all the way back home. I swear, I'm going to die from boredom before long.
I don't start work at my new job until next week sometime, and I find out my hours this Saturday. I swear, it feels like it'll never get here.
Speaking of things getting here, my new debit card finally came in the mail! This means that I can finally start an Etsy store, and do some online shopping. I'm going to make sure to keep a very careful log of all my activity, because my sister overdrew her account once, and ended up a couple thousand in the red before she received the notification in the mail.
Another plus of today was that I finished watching Sherlock season 2, which was loaned to me by my amazing sister. I had heard disclaimers from numerous fellow Sherlocked citizens about the Reichenbach Fall Episode, and so I was prepared to shed some tears. What I was not prepared for, though, was the fact that Sherlock was completely alive at the end of the episode, standing in the cemetery oggling John walking from his grave. No one had told me that he cheated death! I had heard talk of clues, so I thought that it was merely an internet rumor that he might have survived, but concrete survival was not something I foresaw! I was so thrilled, I started clapping as the end credits began to roll.
Needless to say...
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The filming of season 3 starts this January!!!

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