Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The July-4th-isn't-shaping-up-well-oh-hell playlist

1. "Losing My Religion" R.E.M.

2. "Sex On Fire" Kings of Leon

3. "This is Letting Go" Rise Against

4. "Tainted Love" Soft Cell

5. "On Call" Kings of Leon

6. "Paris is Burning" St Vincent

7. "Bang Pop" Free Energy

8. "Everlong" Foo Fighters

It's an odd mix of songs, I know. Bear with me, it's been a long, disappointing day...I just need some ear candy at this point. There also might have been some Taylor Swift mixed in there, but I'll never tell. 18a7f69fedf44a05a625a2e7fd45f14e_large
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  1. Hey you, came across your blog on, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog too! You have awesome taste too, love this playlist :)