Sunday, July 29, 2012

More DIY inspiration

I am so sorry! It seems like it's been forever. I've been so wrapped up in my new job, I've been neglecting my (possibly existent) audience!
Searching across Etsy, Modcloth, and the like, I've found some products that inspired me. Now, most of these gave me ideas for similar items, but with a gentle tweak from the original.
This purse from Modcloth. It could be made out of tweed with the front detailing done in a more delicate ribbon. For the zipper pull, I was thinking of this broken earring I have from the 1980s that's kind of like an abstract butterfly...

Again from Modcloth. Really simple, just make cute little bows out of any color ribbon and sew or super glue them onto a pair of plain fake lashes. Maybe in a cute shade of sky blue. Hmm.

From Topshop. Really really simple, just use a bangle bracelet instead and use various colors of embroidery thread to thread-wrap it. Then add a jump ring and an earring hook. 

 Saw this on Tumblr. I have a few ideas as to how I might do this, but I'm thinking I have to start with a pair of pants that are too big. I'm working on it, Folks!
 I have a bunch of pairs of Hello Kitty socks that are practically dying to have lace trim sewn onto them! Going to do this too!
There are a lot of lacy socks that I looked at, but I believe this pair was either found on Forever 21's website or Modcloth's.
Alright, this one would take forever, and I need to buy a plain white spaghetti strap tank top before I can (or any plain color spaghetti strap top). After that it's just time-consuming sewing by hand, sewing on tiny chiffon or tulle or organza circles. 
This top is around 72 dollars, if bought from Topshop, where I found it. 

 Ideas? Cut out the raccoon shape out of tweed, sew on different types of fabric to create the other features, etc. Tweed is always my answer, until someone gifts me with several yards of faux leather. Hint. Hint.
This is another Modcloth bag. Cute, isn't it?
 Pretty simple, just find any ole bag with a back pocket like this, cut out a kitty from some fabric, and stitch him (or her) on. Might also want to stitch on the features too.
The bag in the picture was one that I fell in love with at Modcloth's website.
 Modge podge. And a button. Made into a ring. This beautiful, inspiring pendant was found on Etsy.
 I really want to get a dorky sweater that I can just cut up and do this to. This pic is from Tumblr.
Grommets. Shoelaces. Old pair of skinny jeans I don't care about. Oh, and this pic was found on tumblr.
I hope that these things inspired you as much as they did to me.
This is only the tip of my bag of tricks, and as soon as I find the time to complete these projects, rest assured, I will post them.


  1. Those jeans with the bows down the sides are my FAVE of all these, I gotta try that!
    Idk if you have a larger audience than I do, but at least we have each other ;)

    Ps email please!
    I don't know if I have friend connect set up or whatever, I'm still trying to figure it all out LOL

    1. Haha yeah, we DIY chicas have got to stick together!