Monday, July 16, 2012

Forest and haze.

Greetings, my lovelys. I've had a lonely past couple of weeks. My phone's been almost completely silent, without the pleasant buzzing of messages to keep me sane. The passing of time was marked by Will and Grace reruns at 11 am, followed by What Not to Wear at 12, and on and on and on. I feel almost as though I've partially lost touch with reality because of this loneliness. The only person who's been to see me has been Ashley, and bless her sweet soul for trying to keep my head in the proper amount of clouds. I had another friend who I get occasional messages from, but only between 9:30 and 10 at night. I can practically set my watch by it. This can't sustain me much longer. Nor can it sustain my wallet.
Ah yes, my wallet. Soon to be completely empty, at this rate. I combat my fears of abandonment by swiping my debit card. I have currently buried it at the bottom of one of my mushroom jars. It will not see the light of day again until my bank account is above its original balance. It needs to be above 292 dollars. It's around 220 right now. Not as terrible as it could be, given my current mental state, but still. These aren't good habits to get into. I could post pictures of all of the things that I have gotten, but this post would go on forever. Instead, I'm just going to post my wallet, which I just purchased from Modcloth.
To Have and to Hold Wallet
To Have and to Hold Wallet
These are both from the website, which DOES NOT ENDORSE MY BLOG. No copyright infringement intended, blah blah blah.
If you want to purchase it, you can get it from Modcloth or from its mother site, Poketo. It's near the same price either way.
I'm beginning to get in the swing of things at work, and hopefully I'm going to turn things around soon. When my bank account gets to be over 300 dollars, I'll make sure it never goes under ever again.

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