Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Benchmarks III

I know I promised some DIYs, but the past couple days have been a roller coaster of domestic disputes between my mom and I, and now, to let the stress out.
 I could really use a break right now. I wish this was actually made of chocolate and sitting with me on my sofa. Scratch that, next to my sofa. Nigel's sleeping next to me and I wouldn't want to squish him!
 I think this isn't really a picture of a bench making a mark, as much as a tree root, but still, this picture would be nothing without the bench. Gotta admit. None of these pictures would be anything.
 Oh, well hello there. I like your hair. Stop staring at me.
 How could I turn down kitties?
Or a squirrel???

Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY-inspo/Male Style icons

Okay, so I found a picture of it. To relate back to my last post, I am in love with the tank top that Project Runway's Christopher Palu is wearing in this picture, and I strongly suspect that he made it himself, because a great deal of his wardrobe has bleachwork done to it.
I think it would be done by splattering bleach onto a shirt or tank, and then make a skull stencil and paint it in with white fabric paint.
This isn't the first time that I've drooled over something in Chris's wardrobe. Also notice Gunnar Deatherage in this picture, in the hat. He is another one of my male style icons. This outfit of his isn't spectacular, but if I try to find a better one....
The jacket, the scarf, the shorts--love love love! And there's another thing that he does a lot that I really like, where he ties a sweater over his shoulders. It's like a quirky take on old-school preppy...
Love the print of the shirt! Love the jacket trick! And I absolutely adore that man's glasses. The shirt's print reminds me of the wallpaper in 221B Baker street on the TV show Sherlock. NOT A BAD THING. I freaking love that wallpaper. 
While we're on the subject of the men of style, there's another that I love, another Project Runway diva....
Wait for it...
Wait for it.....waiiiiit....
How can anyone not look at his style and smile? I remember back when he was on the show, and every week he had his short shorts and a bow-tie, and to celebrate that it was Mondo night, I would dress exactly like him! I hope that some of you are getting some amazing mental images....here's a blast from the past to help you out...
Ha ha, I hope you weren't expecting a picture of ME! 
The design to the side is one of his from Project Runway's fashion week. I want it. From head to toe I want it!

The "I wanted to post a playlist" playlist

So right now I'm sitting with this year's first handful of Now-And-Laters, while the wind blows the barren branches of our lilac bush against the windows, with Project Runway blaring on my TV. I look up at it from time to time, it's not the new episode yet, but I can't help sneaking peaks at what Christopher is wearing. I absolutely love the bleached skull tank top he's wearing, and I'm thinking I might try to make it myself out of a black t-shirt I've been harboring for a while.
I've done more than a few DIYs in the past few days, so expect some, soon. I'll probably post most of them tomorrow.
Recently, I've downloaded a lot of new music, and I just needed to post a playlist to show it off! So...no huge story behind this one. What's been going on in my life recently: I turned 19 this Monday, discovered a love of Matt Smith, and accidentally turned the language on my MP3 player to Turkish while telling a story about how I accidentally turned the language on my MP3 player to Turkish and have no idea how to turn it back.

1. "Me and You" Slow Club

2. "Gravity" The Dresden Dolls

3. "Across the Universe" Fiona Apple (aka, the only song she's ever done that I actually enjoy)

4. "Cherry Red" Ida Maria

5. "All I Want Is You" The Moldy Peaches

6. "Anchor" Tu Fawning

7. "MIA" Emmy The Great

All this and much love I give you. Here's a picture for you, of some heart shaped candies that I found inside a Hello Kitty keychain someone gave to me.
Have happy times this week and all those ahead of you! I'm off to go vintage shopping with my mom tomorrow, and if I don't take the entire store home with me, it'll be a miracle.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Benchmarks II

Some more bench love, straight from my heart. 
 They're always there for you.
 They are just as much spectators as you are.
 Dreams can be hatched on them.
 Sometimes, they're hidden away. (This picture was one that I took on my trip to Mackinac Island last year. It was locked between trees off of an old beaten path, and though this picture sucks because I took it with my phone, I hope you can imagine its desperate beauty.)
They see so much love. 
(May or may not have already posted this as vintage erotica, either way, it's such a lovely picture, it's worth seeing twice!)
I'm working on a DIY right now, post it when it's finished!

Monday, September 3, 2012

My mother versus the barking dogs

I felt the intense need to post today, due to it being the unofficial end of summer. So farewell summer...you were a good old friend.
Last night, I got absolutely no sleep. Our neighbors built their dog coop right outside my mother, brother, and I's bedroom windows (who builds a house with all the bedrooms on one side anyway?? All it would take is a poorly placed falling tree, and we could all be taken out!!!). We've called the police several times, because they only let the dogs out at midnight or afterwards, so they keep us up all night. Or, rather, they keep my mother up all night, and my mother keeps the rest of us up.
My brother and I are both sound sleepers, and we can pretty much fall asleep during any sort of recurring noise. My mother, however, finds it her mission that whenever anything inconveniences her, it has to inconvenience the rest of the house as well, even if our inconvenience is actually caused by HER. She was up, banging on Sam's door and dragging him out of bed, making him call the police. I was already on the sofa, sleeping with the windows open, so I just turned on the TV and watched Iron Man until 2 in the morning, as she vented in the background. We've tried getting her ear plugs so that she can sleep through the night, but she insists that even on the sofa, with ear plugs, she can still hear them as if they were in the room.
Being as that I'm completely deaf in one ear, I don't think that I'm the right person to argue this claim.
Here's some vintage erotica for the road:
 (I really want her dress, I love the collar so much)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The "New Blog Layout" Playlist

Yes....in case you haven't noticed (I don't quite see how) Fist Fights and Fairy Lights is now The Wayfarer Chronicles. The reason for the name and layout change was simple: I just felt the need to change things up a bit to fit my personality more. So I hope that you like the changes around here!
Some tunes I was listening to while I changed things around...my professors recommended that we listen to more instrumental music, so that's what I've been indulging in for the past week or so. Hope you like as much as I do!

1. "A Cage Went In Search of A Bird" Aesthesys

2. "The Way Home" Sleep Dealer

3. "Rue's Farewell" The Hunger Games Film Score

4. "The Gravel Road" James Newton Howard

5. "Nothing Has to Happen" Hungry Ghosts

6. "I Feel Life is Sorrowful and Unbearable, Though I Can't Flee Away, For I am Not A Bird" Aesthesys

7. "My Sorrow" Sleep Dealer

8. "I Don't Think About You Anymore, But I Don't Think About You Anyless" Hungry Ghosts

9. "Falling Rain" Sleep Dealer

(Picture found on Tumblr)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Benchmarks I

 Some are forgotten or taken advantage of.
 Some are so fashionable, they're always in season.
 They take care of you, even when no one else will.
 At times, they're where dreams reveal themselves.
And they always have time to watch a sunset, or just stare at the ocean. Even when you don't.