Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Benchmarks III

I know I promised some DIYs, but the past couple days have been a roller coaster of domestic disputes between my mom and I, and now, to let the stress out.
 I could really use a break right now. I wish this was actually made of chocolate and sitting with me on my sofa. Scratch that, next to my sofa. Nigel's sleeping next to me and I wouldn't want to squish him!
 I think this isn't really a picture of a bench making a mark, as much as a tree root, but still, this picture would be nothing without the bench. Gotta admit. None of these pictures would be anything.
 Oh, well hello there. I like your hair. Stop staring at me.
 How could I turn down kitties?
Or a squirrel???


  1. I love these bench pics! That squirrel! I love squirrels!!!

    1. I know! Me too! I almost love them as much as I love cats!