Monday, September 3, 2012

My mother versus the barking dogs

I felt the intense need to post today, due to it being the unofficial end of summer. So farewell were a good old friend.
Last night, I got absolutely no sleep. Our neighbors built their dog coop right outside my mother, brother, and I's bedroom windows (who builds a house with all the bedrooms on one side anyway?? All it would take is a poorly placed falling tree, and we could all be taken out!!!). We've called the police several times, because they only let the dogs out at midnight or afterwards, so they keep us up all night. Or, rather, they keep my mother up all night, and my mother keeps the rest of us up.
My brother and I are both sound sleepers, and we can pretty much fall asleep during any sort of recurring noise. My mother, however, finds it her mission that whenever anything inconveniences her, it has to inconvenience the rest of the house as well, even if our inconvenience is actually caused by HER. She was up, banging on Sam's door and dragging him out of bed, making him call the police. I was already on the sofa, sleeping with the windows open, so I just turned on the TV and watched Iron Man until 2 in the morning, as she vented in the background. We've tried getting her ear plugs so that she can sleep through the night, but she insists that even on the sofa, with ear plugs, she can still hear them as if they were in the room.
Being as that I'm completely deaf in one ear, I don't think that I'm the right person to argue this claim.
Here's some vintage erotica for the road:
 (I really want her dress, I love the collar so much)

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