Thursday, September 13, 2012

The "I wanted to post a playlist" playlist

So right now I'm sitting with this year's first handful of Now-And-Laters, while the wind blows the barren branches of our lilac bush against the windows, with Project Runway blaring on my TV. I look up at it from time to time, it's not the new episode yet, but I can't help sneaking peaks at what Christopher is wearing. I absolutely love the bleached skull tank top he's wearing, and I'm thinking I might try to make it myself out of a black t-shirt I've been harboring for a while.
I've done more than a few DIYs in the past few days, so expect some, soon. I'll probably post most of them tomorrow.
Recently, I've downloaded a lot of new music, and I just needed to post a playlist to show it off! huge story behind this one. What's been going on in my life recently: I turned 19 this Monday, discovered a love of Matt Smith, and accidentally turned the language on my MP3 player to Turkish while telling a story about how I accidentally turned the language on my MP3 player to Turkish and have no idea how to turn it back.

1. "Me and You" Slow Club

2. "Gravity" The Dresden Dolls

3. "Across the Universe" Fiona Apple (aka, the only song she's ever done that I actually enjoy)

4. "Cherry Red" Ida Maria

5. "All I Want Is You" The Moldy Peaches

6. "Anchor" Tu Fawning

7. "MIA" Emmy The Great

All this and much love I give you. Here's a picture for you, of some heart shaped candies that I found inside a Hello Kitty keychain someone gave to me.
Have happy times this week and all those ahead of you! I'm off to go vintage shopping with my mom tomorrow, and if I don't take the entire store home with me, it'll be a miracle.

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  1. Have you seen my bleached skull tank on cut out and keep?????? ;)