Sunday, September 2, 2012

The "New Blog Layout" Playlist case you haven't noticed (I don't quite see how) Fist Fights and Fairy Lights is now The Wayfarer Chronicles. The reason for the name and layout change was simple: I just felt the need to change things up a bit to fit my personality more. So I hope that you like the changes around here!
Some tunes I was listening to while I changed things professors recommended that we listen to more instrumental music, so that's what I've been indulging in for the past week or so. Hope you like as much as I do!

1. "A Cage Went In Search of A Bird" Aesthesys

2. "The Way Home" Sleep Dealer

3. "Rue's Farewell" The Hunger Games Film Score

4. "The Gravel Road" James Newton Howard

5. "Nothing Has to Happen" Hungry Ghosts

6. "I Feel Life is Sorrowful and Unbearable, Though I Can't Flee Away, For I am Not A Bird" Aesthesys

7. "My Sorrow" Sleep Dealer

8. "I Don't Think About You Anymore, But I Don't Think About You Anyless" Hungry Ghosts

9. "Falling Rain" Sleep Dealer

(Picture found on Tumblr)

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