Friday, August 10, 2012

Yes, yes, YES!

So....I ordered a record player off of Amazon earlier this week, and it was supposed to come next Monday or so, but it came today!!
Isn't it beautiful? It has great sound, especially considering that I got it for a mere 50 dollars, which is on the cheaper side for a record player. In this picture, I believe I was listening to The Worst of Jefferson Airplane. White Rabbit is one of my favorite songs of all time. 
I've been listening to records all day long. And then I let it slip to my mom that I had seen a copy of The Singing Nun's one and only album at the little shop in town where I had gotten all of my records, she immediately drove me over there, in my pajamas, to go and buy it. Not only did I buy her The Singing Nun, but I also got her a Lawrence Whelk album, a Donny Osmond, and a Norma Zimmer. And I refused to take her money for them. Records are one of the few things that my mom and I can really connect over. I'm not going to spoil that by taking her money for something I picked out for her specially. 
Oh, and if you ever get a chance, look up The Singing Nun. Dominique is her most famous song, but it's not really that great. She has a lot of really pretty guitar ballads, and they're all sung in French, so the language just flows over the chords she plucks from her guitar, Adele. Don't underestimate her just because she wore a funny hat!

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