Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I should probably work on my novel (all three of them)

Today, I'm off from college. I have taken advantage of this day to sleep in until 1 and watch movies about Nazis. I find that the reason I don't watch a lot of movies is the fact that I don't know when actors that I love are in them. For instance, nobody ever told me that Matt Damon starred in The Bourne series. Right now I'm watching Valkyrie, which no one ever told me Tom Cruise starred in.
I should probably find something better to do, like continue my writing. I have a habit of starting writing projects and not finishing them. The most current one is about a post-apocalyptic world from all views. It's told via numerous short stories, and it's going to be fairly expansive if I ever finish it. It also might be a bit to all over the place for anyone to actually publish, so I'm just writing it for the love of writing it. That's really why I write everything.

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