Monday, August 13, 2012

You only care when the world can see--playlist

Another fight with my mom, but how I extracted the apology was the part that I found really really pathetic. I posted an angry Facebook status, about how I felt like giving up. In a flurry, she's suddenly sorry, and then asks me take it down, in her "sweetest" tones.
So, you may ask, what was our fight about? Well, I knew she was having a busy day today, so I cleaned the living room and kitchen up for her, ground her coffee, got her paycheck, did the chores she usually does when she comes home. And while I do this, I make and eat a frozen pizza. My mom is a vegan, claims that eating dairy makes her dreadfully ill, and also says that frozen pizza is the anorexic version of good pizza.
But when she got home, all she cared about was that damn pizza. She wouldn't have eaten it anyway, I can tell you that as a matter of fact.
In a rush of anger, I became (once again) the unfeeling, selfish, bitch of a daughter that she paints me as whenever anything doesn't go her way. Whenever anything makes her mad, she just lets loose her anger on me.
You know what this calls for? Another playlist of happy music.
I mean, I'm okay, but obviously my ears are smarting and need some ear candy to make them feel better.

1. "Lover's Concerto" The Lennon Sisters (cover, I think)

2. "White Rabbit" Jefferson Airplane

3. "Leaving on a Jet Plane"  Peter, Paul, and Mary

4. "Just Like Starting Over" John Lennon

5. "Woman" John Lennon

6. "Watching the Wheels" John Lennon

7. "Love Fool" The Cardigans

8. "Somebody to Love" Jefferson Airplane

Most of those are from the records that I've been listening to in the past few days. I'm pretty sure Leaving on A Jet Plane is a John Denver cover, but I wasn't entirely sure.

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