Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage items repurposed for jewelry storage

I've been browsing the web again, searching for DIY ideas. I found two of these on Tumblr and came up with the other two myself, simply from staring at my computer screen too much. 
 Go to your local antique store. I know for a fact that The Curiosity Shoppe, which lies a mere mile or so away from me, has an entire basket full of old cheese graters that they're selling for 5 dollars each. If that's too steep for you (or if you don't live near me) then just pop into your local thrift store's housewares section.
 This next one is one of the ones I came up with myself. I've been staring at my own vintage birdcage (not the one pictured here) for some time now, and finally it popped into my head to hook my necklaces and bracelets in the top tiers. (I'll take pictures when I do this, so that you know what I'm talking about). Picture from Shabby Chic and Antique Boutique on Etsy (which does not affiliate itself with this blog at all, I just thought this birdcage was really pretty).
 Another Tumblr idea. Buy a vintage teacup and saucer. I found two teacup and saucer sets for three dollars at my local World Mission thrift store this past weekend. They're quite easy to come by, and you don't even need a cup and saucer that match. Superglue the two together if you want the security of knowing your teacup won't move around if you put rings in it too zealously. Put it beside your bed for all the jewelry you take off before you go to bed at night.
Last idea. A fancy candlestick like this one (which I do not own, but I really want), and hang your bracelets and necklaces from it. on the spots for the candles, you can put a ring or two, or maybe perch a pin there while you're getting ready for your day.
Thanks for reading! Hope you try some of these out yourself!

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