Saturday, August 25, 2012

The garden dress okay, to help myself along with my new outlook, I'm going to revamp an old maternity dress of my mother's. She made this herself, although she's never been very good at sewing. When I was little, until about the time I turned 12 or so, my family had absolutely no money. Most of the pictures of me as a little girl have me in little outfits that she sewed herself. After going through my entire personal stock of photos (and a couple postcards from the Third Reich) I found this:
It's almost as blurry in person, haha. This is a picture of me in one of the dresses that my mom made for me. 
Now! For pictures of the dress that I am going to revamp.....wait for it...
Wait for it....
 This is the giant, shapeless monster. It has no zippers or buttons, and absolutely no form or shape whatsoever.
This is a closeup of the pattern. You've got to admit, that's a lot of tomatoes. 

Don't worry, my mother knows and is very encouraging of my latest project. 
I was thinking that I would separate the bodice from the skirt and just tailor it to fit my shape, and add in a zipper. The skirt I was going to recut and make it shorter and more aline. 

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