Monday, October 22, 2012

Shot down.

I don't know whether or not you've heard of a website called Omegle. The concept of it is simple: enter your interests, or connect it to your Facebook page, and it will connect you to a random stranger, not even sharing your name with them, and the two of you can have a conversation.
Something happened to me a little while ago, and I've been debating whether or not I should say something about it. I finally decided that I should share the story with all of you.
Well, I was talking to someone that I had a lot in common with, and the more and more we talked, the more we had in common with each other. After two or so hours of a lively conversation, I had to go, and we proposed sharing Facebooks with each other. On my Facebook page, my relationship status is "married" to a friend of mine, who is also female. When the other person I was talking to saw this, they demanded more information about my sexual orientation, which I openly shared, that even though the Facebook relationship with my friend is a joke and she's straight, I myself am a bisexual.
As soon as my conversational partner discovered this information, I stopped being seen as a potential friend and became just a "fag". Somehow nothing that either of us had in common meant anything anymore, and it was just this one aspect of my personality that mattered.
I understand that politics, religion, and ways of life may differ, I just thought that it was interesting how quickly a person could change their tune. I would never turn you away for disliking homosexuality, as long as you didn't use it as an excuse to dislike me. This situation just got me to thinking, how funny. How funny that this person had so much in common with someone they just considered a "fag"! It hurt a bit at first, but now I just want to know how it affected them.
Who knows? Maybe they'll rethink things and come back to me and apologize.
Haha, yeah, I doubt it too.
Here's some vintage erotica for the road:


  1. I genuinely think thats a terrible thing for the person to do! Just completely judge you based on that, thats awful. :/ Some people are like that though.

    Fabulous pictures!
    Sarah xox

  2. WHAAAAT!??!! Pure douchery. The only thing I can't tolerate is intolerance. I'm straight, myself, but I love my "fags"! ;)
    You are lovely and awesome. You know who you are and are not ashamed of it. It's unfortunate for this person, as they are missing out on an awesome friend :)
    Homosexuality exists in ALL species, but homophobia only exists in ONE.