Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day One: Bird in a Nest Ring

I was so excited about my 365 project, I had to start as soon as the clock struck midnight. Here is my first DIY.

I was inspired by a 25 cent machine prize two days ago. A thumbnail sized rubber duck it was. I immediately got a picture in my head of exactly what I wanted to do.

It took almost half an hour. First I took wire,  wrapped it loosely and imperfectly around my fingers. Then I cut several smaller pieces of wire and wrapped them around my "nest," using them to secure it in place.

I used my secret weapon, hot glue, to attach the duck to the nest via the bottoms of each, using small dots of glue so they would not be detectable. My final step was to glue the bird and nest to a ring base, which in this case was another 25 cent prize (I would buy real ring bases, but I have no money).

Viola! Day one complete.

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