Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day Two: Alice in Wonderland Purse

Alright, since I was so antsy that I couldn't wait for the new year to begin my 365 project, I am adding this purse as my project for the day.

Completely inspired by Alice in Wonderland, it, just like the project featured before it, is my idea, and my own process.

First, I took a purse that was NOT white and painted it white with several layers of fabric paint.
After they were all dry, I glued on the bow, which I took from an old tank top that I'd never worn. I made sure to use the glue to glue the bow open, so it looked much nicer. :)
After the bow was set, I started glueing on rhinestones at random.
Next came the chain handle. This also is glued on, although if one was to desire more security, I guess they could sew it too. I added strips of fabric, threaded through the bottom loop of chain to keep it in place, and glued more fabric over that, just for reinforcing.
Viola! Day two complete.
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