Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day Twenty-Two: Wire Wrapped Rock Ring

Today was a busy day. I went to my sister's play (Harvey), in which she was absolutely amazing. We went out to eat with she and her husband afterward at a little Mexican place, where the food was very very good. We didn't have a chance to go do laundry this weekend, so I'll be livin' on borrowed time (or, rather, clothes) for the next couple days until we get around to it, but I can work a sink and furnace vent, so I'll be just fine. :)
For this ring, I followed a tutorial on If you go there and pull up a user search and look for Audrey Kitching, you'll find her instructions for this project. This is merely my version. The crystal I used was one that my friend Ethan gave me. He infused it with energy by washing it in salt water (sounds crazy, but if you run your fingers over the edge, you can seriously feel it buzzing a little).

Alright, so I used a post in my room that usually holds a model of the human heart to make the ring base. I wrapped wire around it because I know, from slipping a ring onto it, that it is quite similar to the size of my finger. My suggestion to you is to do the same, just find a circular object that your ring fits onto.
I chose my stone, and wrapped the wire around it five times. I secured the wire by wrapping it around itself underneath.

Viola! Done.
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