Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodwill Haul!!!

Today I took a trip to a thrift store with one item in mind: a wooden box to use in one of my DIY projects. Well, the cheapest one I could find was still WAY too overpriced, so instead of walking out with a box, I walked out with a bunch of other goodies. Total amount spent: $9.64.
 Alright, so this hat has to be worn in order for it to be fully appreciated. It's washable, which is another plus, because I have the tendency to get food in my hair when I eat. Don't ask me how, because I still haven't found out how I do it.
 I have a friend who is currently visiting Paris, and she collects pieces of tea sets, so I picked this up for her as part of her "Welcome Home" present.
 This is some lovely wine-colored lace ribbon. I figured I might as well get one thing to use in a DIY, if I didn't get the box. And what's better than lace???
Speaking of lace, this dress. It's perfect. I was going to use this in a DIY as well, but when I tried it on, I fell in love with it, so it's staying as is. It goes down to about mid thigh, so it's a liiiiiiiittle bit short. But hey, I'm game. :)

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