Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Six: Button Earrings

Alright, so I had another migraine day today. I did another really simple DIY to make up for it. I'd had the buttons for, like, ever, and I hadn't found a use for them until now. My friend gave me a hair clip with a similar design a few months ago, and I loved it but could never wear it because of my hair style. These I can wear everyday.

So, I had these Winnie the Pooh earrings that a friend had given me for use. I took my wire cutters and used them to trim the earrings down to size.
After trimming the earrings, I used pliers to rip out the backings of the buttons. I had to scrape it out with the pliers.
I double checked to make sure that the earrings would fit on the earrings smoothly and filed them down a little more.
I just hot glued what remained of the Winnie the Pooh earring to the button.

Viola! Done.
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