Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day Five: Cosmic Bow

Alright, so sadly, I had to give the fancy newspaper camera back, so I'm stuck using my old Fujifilm. This looks really really cool in real soon as I get to borrow the newspaper camera again, I will post a better picture. It was so fun to make, although halfway through I had to throw Nigel out of the room because as soon as I turned my back, he stepped in the paint and walked all over my favorite coat. :( He's such a naughty kitty! It reminds me of how he once stepped on my toast when he was a baby.

Alright, so I already had a black bow at my disposal. I got it at the Dollar General for two dollars, I think. Either way, you can find one cheap almost anywhere if you don't already have one.
I mixed a pastel purple paint (it looks blue, I know).
Then, I used a medium-sized brush to gently make strokes of sparse paint on the bow. I made sure to get both tiers of it. I did the same thing to the headband it was on.
I used the back of the brush to dab on tiny dots of white paint to be the "stars."
My mom wanted me to model it right away, but the paint was still wet! I used acryllic for the main purple pastel, but the stars are made from fabric paint.
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