Friday, January 27, 2012

Day Twenty Seven: Book Box

I got this idea while cruising Etsy around 1 in the morning. Sorry the picture is so bad, the modgepodge I used was still drying, and I couldn't wait to post this one! I worked so hard on it! The front of the book is really beautiful, too. It's red and has a picture of another book with angel's wings.
Keep in mind, I realize that I still have to touch up the edges, but I was at a concert until late tonight, so I had little time to prep it before I had to post it. I'll post updated pictures later, I promise.

Alright, so I started out by borrowing an exacto knife from my wonderful art teacher.
Next, I used said knife to carefully cut a rectangle in the front page of the book. I cut it as deep as I possibly could, then gently lifted up the cut pages to pop the cut portion out.
You have to be fairly gentle, because the edges tear.
After I had cut all of the pages out of the book, I used modge podge on the edges to keep them together.
While allowing it to dry, I imagined all of the things I was going to keep in it.

Viola! Done.
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