Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day Twenty Nine: Hard Cover Organizer

You probably think I hate books or something, because my last three projects have all been books. Actually, I read so many of them, I don't really have room for them all, and I figured: "Why not use some of them in a DIY?" Or two. Or three.

Okay, so I started out by cutting all of the pages out with an exacto knife, while being careful to not damage the structural integrity of the book's cover.
After this, I took my agenda, which is my organizer for school, and glued it into the cover using a line of hot glue up the inside of the books spine.
I shut it and pressed on the spine from the outside until the warmth of the glue became faint. I'm a worry wart, so I also put two dots of glue on the inside cover to help hold it in.
After this, I also glued a piece of ribbon inside the spine to mark my page with.

Viola! Done.
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