Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day Nine: Recycled Fairy LIghts

Aha! Finally I get to do a project involving the partial namesake of my blog. Alright, so still working on that paper, still freaking out. I had these lights left over from Christmas, and I have right now over 100 egg cartons, so I decided to do something with both. Okay, I bet you're wondering why I have so many freaking egg cartons in my room. mom buys these special, free range, organic eggs that come in fancy plastic cartons which seal shut completely, making them perfect for preserving paint between painting sessions. So, I asked her to please save me her cartons. She went to her work and wrote in their break room on a huge white erase board for everyone to save their cartons and give them to me. Incredibly sweet, I know. Unfortunately, no one at her work also gets the eggs in the perfect plastic cartons, so I have a bedroom full of the styrofoam ones I don't need and not the heart to say no to them. This was a good way for me to get some use out of them, finally. Thank you, to all of those generous ladies who made this DIY possible. :)

Alright, so start out by gathering materials. This includes egg cartons (I found it's better to cut up too many than to not have enough), some scrap lace, and of course, fairy lights.
Saw off the bottoms of the cartons and use a sharp instrument to poke a hole in the bottom large enough for your light to fit through. DON'T put it on the light yet.
Cut two squares of scrap lace big enough to fit over the egg carton bottoms. I believe mine are 1.5 inches. Maybe two.
Make a circle of hot glue around the hole on the bottom of the egg carton bottom. This should be able to hold both scraps of lace in place.
Use scissors to make a hole in the lace over the hole in the egg carton bottom, once the glue has hardened.
Slip over fairy light and glue in place.
Repeat process for as many fairy lights as you have. Maintain patience.

Viola! Done.
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