Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY--Hipster Shorts

So...from the 13th to the 20th, I will not be posting anything, because my family and I are taking a trip to Disney World. Woot! I know! I'm so excited! I've literally been looking forward to it for weeks! Today marks the fact that I have only 3 days left until I leave! Until's a DIY for you!
 I love doing these DIYs! It's been too long since I actually did one...that's how I feel. My creative energy just needed to get out.
This project is all about the folding technique, and since I'd already made them before I posted this...I just folded the end product.
 Fold it like you would a paper fan.
And once it is completely folded, secure it in place with pieces of string, tied taut around it.
Dip it into bleach and then take it out and let the color lighten as much as you want it to. **My bleach mixture was 2/3 bleach and 1/3 water. Whatever yours is, it's very important to wear gloves!
Once your shorts are done lightening, rinse all remaining bleach out of them. Allow to dry.
Here are how my shorts turned out:
 And the back....

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