Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where the flowers dance, part II

After about a half an hour of searching Facebook's help center for a way to post pictures via text message, I finally did it! Here are my pictures from my trip to Disney World, and I am incredibly sorry that my photography skills are not quite where they should be. 
From the glassblower's shop in the Magic Kingdom. I sent this picture to my best friend Leah. These birds represent the two of us. Also notice the "in a perfect world" plaque behind it..I didn't until I posted it online, and it cracked me up. 
This made me so happy. The week that we were at Disney was the week after Star Wars weekend, and the vendors were still trying to get rid of excess Star Wars merchandise. When I got this little guy, he was full of popcorn. I have since adopted him and brought him home with me. I'm going to make him into a purse. 
Another shot of my awesome bag. I love this thing so freaking much. You have no idea. 
Lizard friend. I tried to give him a tiny piece of popcorn, but it offended him. He scurried away to a safer distance and spent the rest of the time I was sitting there staring at me, giving me his evilest glare. I didn't even know that lizards could give evil glares before this little guy. 
An absolutely horrid picture of the inside of my hotel, but the only one I took. The main lobby was awesome! It had relics from every decade lining the walls in these glass cases that were actually set into the wall. The resort we stayed at was the Pop Century, and it was a lot of fun, and the staff was incredibly friendly.
Alice in Wonderland poster from the Walt Disney museum, in Hollywood Disney. I love the art from Alice in Wonderland. 
Plans for the new Little Mermaid ride that should be opening sometime next year!
My brother made a friend. Unfortunately, he only liked him for his food. 
In the French part of the World Showcase in Epcot, there were all of these really good smelling soaps wrapped in maps of Paris. Their scent reminded me of Pez...but in a very good way. :)

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