Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This might be the end for the two of us.

I've kind of been putting off posting on here. Mainly because I don't know how to say what I want to say in less than a million words. I want to say everything that I have inside of my being, but if I did that you would be reading endlessly.
Today was horrid. A horrid, no good, very bad day, and after it, all I want to do is blog the bad things away.  It started with cleaning. That doesn't sound too bad, does it? Except that I'm apparently allergic to the cleanser. I got a horrible rash that itches like crazy, all over my hands. The funny thing is, that was the high point of my day.
Not long after this happened, I got in an awful fight with an old friend of mine, whom I've known for years. It was one of the first times I've stood up for myself, but it didn't make me feel good at all. He made me feel like a ridiculous jackass, and I refuse to believe that he just doesn't understand how I feel about his treatment of me, because we've talked about it many times. It's gotten to the point where I don't want to hang out with him in public, because I know that he will just pretend I'm not there as soon as he sees someone else he knows. And when I say he pretends I'm not there, I mean I could literally die in a large, hotly burning fire, and he still wouldn't even look at me. Call me old fashioned, but when a friend asks you to hang out, that is supposed to mean that they're actually going to talk to you, not just when you're the only person they know, right?
This might be the end for the two of us, as friends. Let's see if he can melt his way back into my cold, frozen heart. I'm not feeling particularly merciful.
After this, my mother got incredibly upset over salad ingredients, and I ended up in my room with two stale protein bars and a cup of coffee for supper.
I guess it could have been worse. Oh well, I should probably have spent my time finding a job rather than typing this and watching anime.
Well, attempting to watch anime. My mom's computer is on in the other room, so the internet is slower than a snail on the highway. I watched the entire series "Paradise Kiss" in a night, and now I'm 13 episodes into Mirai Nikki, but every time I try to watch it, my internet crashes. Until tonight, then.
I really wasn't into anime, until I went to an anime convention this past weekend. The reason I went is because I love cosplayers. I love their crazy-colored wigs and frilly dresses, plastic swords and hand-stitched jackets. Little did I realize, that the newest trend in Cosplaying, isn't to Cosplay any characters from anime, oh no...the newest trend in Cosplaying is....DOCTOR WHO!!! One of my favorite shows ever! Eek! I was so happy.
Yes, that is a picture of me hugging a David Tennant Cosplayer. Isn't he beautiful? I also saw Indiana Jones, Dr Horrible and Captain Hammer, numerous other David Tennants, and Toothless the Dragon. It was my heaven. But anyways, I started watching some anime when I was there, and I've continued watching it obsessively since I've been home.
I also brought home a souvineer for my sister, who got me into Sherlock. I stole it off of a door on the way out.

At least my internet isn't too slow to listen to indie music. The Head and the Heart it is tonight. They kind of remind me of Mumford & Sons. Listen to "Lost In My Mind" if you feel like checking them out. I think they're worth it.
I'm working on a couple of  DIY projects right now, and I'll post them when I finish. One of them is a skirt made from a child's dress, and the other is a bra that I'm sprucing up. I have other evil ideas as well, but I haven't started on any of those yet.
I couldn't really find a way to say anything that I wanted to, so I didn't. You're not really missing anything though, it was just the absentminded prattle of a post-teenage girl.

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