Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY--Reinvented Lingerie I used to have an obsession with buying lingerie, because when I was younger I thought that I was going to wear it as clothing (I was a disturbed youth, I know). That is where this piece came from, and it was not only tragically large, but totally recyclable. :) Case in point:
Yes, yes this is it. The monstrosity itself. Alright, I'll admit, other than the color it's pretty. But I decided that instead of uselessly large lingerie, what I really needed was something to make my short skirts longer. So I chopped off the lace top to use in later projects, and used the bottom as such. 
Whoopsies! Haha, here's a better picture that doesn't show as much of my chicken legs.
Cute, with that little lacy pop! Perfect perfect perfect for when I want to be a little flirty or a little anything! Sorry about the mess in the background, by the way.
Shortly after this picture was taken, I was struck by a terrible sickness called BOREDOM.
Then, this idea came about:
Yes yes yes, that is my idea of a summer look! I might actually wear this, though with a different belt at the waist. I was thinking maybe one of braided leather-ish material or something. I don't actually use leather in my projects, or any animal products unless they're given to me by a friend. So if you see feathers, leather, anything of that nature, it's been donated, not bought.

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