Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Songs, You Say, Are Poison

Ah. It's been so long since I've posted on here...sorry about that, I've been busy getting my sea legs back. I went into overdrive, putting all of my time and effort into writing a short story and by the end of it I was 11 single-spaced pages richer, as well as wrapped in an even tighter web of planning for my next one, and completely and utterly exhausted mentally. My plan is to create an entire book full of short stories, all about this post-apocalyptic world where America has totally shut itself off and is its own dictatorship, putting constant pressure on its people to remain "Useful." Those who are not Useful become either Marked (which means they are given two months to live) or Exterminated (which means....yeah, you get it). The POINT in writing these is to warn society of what might happen if industry, science, and progress become more important than the human life. I'm not sure if everyone who reads it will get it though.
Some of you might wonder about my Heine-inspired title. Well, actually, probably not, because I have just discovered that Heine is a much more obscure poet than I thought. I have found numerous other translations of that quote, including "my songs, they say, are poisoned" but this is the translation from my literature book. God I love Heine.

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