Friday, March 30, 2012

The opposite of Congress is progress.

Sorry about the title. I was trying to think of something with a pun relating to progress. I don't think I found the proper amount of wit, though. I'm an independent with liberal leanings, and I've been trying to stay out of politics for the past few years. I don't think I was mature enough to handle them, because they made me into an incredibly nasty person, unwilling to listen to the beliefs of others. Since I stopped watching hours and hours of MSNBC and Michael Moore films, I've been a lot nicer to be around and more understanding of the beliefs of others. Once I'm in college, I think I'll try again to get into the political scene, and hopefully I'll be mature enough to handle them then.
ANYWAY--why the progress in the title? Well, I've been working on my steampunk journal all week, and I have all of the pages dyed. I dyed them all, by hand, with coffee. I think there are about 200 total. I wanted to make extra so that I knew for certain I would have enough.
I haven't gotten to work on the cover yet, because I want to make sure that I know EXACTLY what I want to do with it before I start. Right now I'm thinking that I'll cover it with a paper bag, and use shiny Mod Podge to make it look glossy, kind of like leather. As for further adornments, I have no idea. I'm open to suggestions.

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