Friday, March 9, 2012

WTF is in my purse?

Hello hello. :) Checking in before I do my top 5 tomorrow.
Here's a taste of what's in my purse. Honestly, when I emptied it out, I thought there was going to be a ton more crap than this.
The picture of my purse refused to load, so you just kind of have to take my word that I own one. :P
 Firstly, we have several red pens. Yep...I'm an editor for my school newspaper. Copy editor, actually, which means that I edit every bit of text we put out. Every name, caption, title, story, etc. I usually end up bringing part of it home with me. Obviously, I need a lot of red pens. Mainly because I lose them constantly.
 Dr Cleangreen's All Natural Hand Purifier! Ahh! I love this stuff. It works just as well as that smelly old hand sanitizer, except it smells like pumpkin pie and has an added moisturizer to keep your hands soft. Amazing stuff, worth every penny. I would never leave home without it.
 My mp3 player, Kurt; my en-V phone; and my library book. I could not survive a day without all three of these. I just started Stars to Steer By not that long ago. It's an old children's literature textbook, and it's absolutely wonderful. The first chapter is all about wanderlust and the gypsy heart. Kurt, the mp3 player, has only 8 gigs on him. I constantly have to cycle my music because I don't have enough room for it all. My phone is just my connection to Twitter, Facebook, and all of my friends.
 Two coupons for Pizza Hut (they're good for the rest of the year, I don't need to use them anytime soon), my Hello Kitty mirror, and my bindies.
 This are two other items that I can't leave home without: my Hello Kitty perfume and Vitamin-E stick. The perfume was a gift from my sister at Christmas, and it's my go-to whenever I'm on the go. The Vitamin-E stick keeps my lips moisturized and also has some spf in it. It's also for use around the eyes, but I'm not sure why my eyes would need any Vitamin E.
Henry James's The Turn of the Screw, which I am reading for my Advanced Literature class, a calculator lent to me by the school, and my set of keys.
Last and not least, my wallet! With my Hot Topic card, my license, and various other cards, this is another very essential item. Ironically, it's the thing I leave at home the most. I don't ever need it at school, and I don't want to risk losing everything in it. Because I would.
The entire wallet is actually made of recycled billboards...which is totally awesome.

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  1. I Had that exact same MP3 player...I dropped mine in a mop bucket. I'm so super sad about that cause I lived with that thing and rarely went anywhere without it. And even weirder still, I used to have the same phone only in maroon. I miss that as well, I've been through like 3 phones since then and as much as I heart my smartphone I loved that phone too. I may have to a little segment like this as well...although I think the inside of my purse might be a little scarier...its a mess, a horrible mess.