Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top 5 of the Week. I am no longer going to have a specific day that I post these, you're just going to have to stay on your toes!
So, I gave my short story to a "friend" to edit, and he gave it back to me, and I was horrified to discover that he had attempted to put grammar errors INTO it. I discarded the notion that it was purposeful, because hey, commas are hard, right? A couple hours later, I was in the class he and I have together, and he stood next to me and gave me a long talk about how none of my ideas are original, and then he proceeded to describe ALL of the stories that he'd written, and he went on further to tell me about how he'd written awesome stories since he ten, and how awesome all of his ideas are, and how he swore that some movie director must have found one of them online and copied for his screenplay and blah blah blah. In short, he's an asshole, and he should fall in a hole. Once my short story gets fully edited, I will post it on here to PROVE my ideas are totally original and 100% my own. He can shove it up his ass. [If any are offended, I apologize for my use of language, however, I feel I'm justified.]
Anyways, my top five this week are my top five favorite......BOOKS! You might think it's lame, but I'm a really avid reader. Here are, in no predetermined order, are my favorites.
 1. The Faery Reel-- Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling 
This is actually a collection of short stories that I've had for years and years. I never get sick of reading it. They're all stories about fairies, and all of the stories are based on actual folklore. There are some stories, like "Oak Thing" and "Fox Wife," that I only read occasionally, simply because they're not my style, but there are some others, notably "Your Garnet Eyes" and "The Night Market," that I love so much I read them all the time. My graduation present from my mother is actually a piece of garnet jewelry (I don't know exactly what yet!), because I love "Your Garnet Eyes" so much.
 2. Flowers for Algernon--Written by: Daniel Keyes
I love this book. I cried so many tears at it. It's seriously one of the best stories ever. It changed my life and how I looked at the mentally handicapped. I no longer feel that it's alright to just casually throw out the word "retarded" to describe something I think is stupid. Charlie Gordon had that much of an effect on me.
The story is about the life of Charlie, and it's completely told from his point of view, through the diary he keeps. He is a mentally retarded man who is picked on and pushed around by everyone, but he doesn't realize it because he thinks they're all his friends. He goes to a night school for adults because he loves to learn, and he wants to be normal to fit in with these people better, and his teacher recommends him for use in a scientific experiment which will make him ungodly smart. He gets the operation, and it works for a short time, in which he discovers that he is even more lonely as a genius than he was as a retard. Through his research, he becomes smarter than the other scientists, and discovers that his operation will ultimately reverse and he will mentally deteriorate and die, so he runs away and tries to live a life on his own while fighting what he knows will ultimately happen to him.
Like I said. I. Cried. My. Eyes. Out. SO GOOD. It sounds really depressing, and that's why I didn't want to read it originally, but once I did, it was totally worth it.
 3. Frankenstein---Written by: Mary Shelley
I read this book in school, and it's another one of those eye-opening books that made me bawl my eyes out. The story follows Victor Frankenstein, who is recollecting the story. He starts out as a young scientist, who becomes a little TOO hands on with his work, and discovers how to make the spark of life. He builds a man, brings him to life, and is so horrified by his creation that he spurns it.
After this, there's a great deal of time where Victor is having a mental breakdown and his best friend must nurse him back to health. Eventually, he returns home. Little does he know, the monster is returning with him. The monster ends up destroying Victor's life, simply because Victor will not give the monster the companionship he craves and make a female monster for him to have as a friend.
Just warning you, the monster will be the one you really pity in this story, even though he kills a lot of important people in Victor's life.
 4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix--- Written by: J.K. Rowling
We all know what Harry Potter is about. I grew up with the series, so I just had to include my favorite one in this countdown.
5. Never Let Me Go---Written By: Kazuo Ishiguro
For some reason, most of these books are ones that have made me cry my eyes out.
Never Let Me Go is the story of clones who are being raised for their organs. It has all the great aspects of a chick flick love, denial, rage, frustration, sex, and ultimate death, coupled with the off-the-wall elements of debating whether clones have souls, the importance of art, forced organ donations, and teachers who lose their minds from guilt. It sounds so awful. I loved it so much.
I usually hate chick lit. I loved this so much. Enough said.

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