Saturday, March 3, 2012

Playing with food and other distractions.

Sorry, I haven't posted all week. There's a DIY to come later. I promise. :) I just have to get back on top of things. We were sending our latest issue in Newspaper, and then there was the entire reading of James's Turn of the Screw to complete before Friday for my Advanced Literature class, among other things. I was really busy.
I've spent the past two days reading the entire Hunger Games trilogy. It wasn't AMAZING or anything, there were a few grammar errors here and there that stuck out to me, but it was still a good and engaging read. Until the last book. The end of the last book nearly killed me. No spoilers though. I let out a bunch of them accidentally with my friends already. I really want to see the movie now, and I hope that they don't cut out Cinna or any of the other not-quite-minor-not-quite-major characters. I also hope that they don't make a second or a third. I know I would never go see the third. I get emotionally attached to my favorite characters when I read books, so when they die in horrific ways, it really upsets me. A warning to anyone who hasn't read the series but wants to, the entire thing is written in first-person present tense point of view. It's distracting for the first few pages, but once the action of the story gets started, it's not as noticeable.

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