Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alas, I can not swim

Happy Easter everyone! I bet you were all looking forward to a lovely Easter pun in the title...haha, I can be tricky sometimes!
Back to school tomorrow. My last Spring Break is officially over. Sigh. I must venture onward, though.
This weekend was the weekend of Play Doh. I found a ton of it last night, and began shaping it. I made a black brooch shaped like a rose, and I've started on a second one with white Play Doh, and it will somehow turn into a magnificent gift for my friend Tinsley.
Here they are so far. Enjoy.
 Above: Just after birth, they lay fresh from the wombs of their containers. Unblemished, uncracked, smooth vessels of perfection. Yes, I am heavily caffeinated right now.
 After much drying, Tinsley's future present (Above) maintained shape, but is full of cracks. This is perfectly fine, because I can totally work with them.
My first, random black rose brooch. Notice the blue rhinestone which I added to the middle of it, and the detail work I carved into it. I don't expect it to be a serious piece of jewelry or anything, but hopefully it makes a good gift for someone's birthday (wink wink).

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  1. Very clever how you made the flower. Play Dough brings back fond memories (^_^)