Saturday, April 7, 2012

Covered in Snow

There isn't any snow here...I've just spent my day listening to Laura Marling. Well, that and looking at 80s fashion on Etsy, as well as putting together a fashion wishlist. It's been good therapy. I've been sad again, over something worth crying over. Now that I've finished my steampunk journal, I'm looking into revamping an old suitcase of mine and possibly a messenger bag. I also would dearly love to find a pillbox. I found an amazing DIY I want to recreate on Cut Out and Keep.
It's something that makes me wish I was a druggie, if I could have a pillbox like that.
Another awesome DIY I found for making hinges/closures that looks not EASY, but doable. It involves a couple tin can lids and some scissors and a hole punch. Check it out, it looks awesome.
This picture represents the last two days of my life. I think it's something worth crying over, no? But the death of one love opens up the door for another one to be born, does it not? Now that this is out of my system, I can concentrate on better imagining England...covered in snow. And eating Mac N Cheese with garlic. :)

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