Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I feel so...

Brand new! Brand new-ooo-ooo....gonna let these grey clouds fade away....
Oh yes. I'm feeling pretty good. I've found a new guy to bask my affections onto. I don't know him very well yet...but we have a mutual friend who talks about him all the time, so I FEEL like I know him. All of our interactions so far have been excruciatingly awkward on my part...mainly because I haven't actually had to flirt with a guy for almost a year (my ex and I didn't have a romantic relationship at all), but he's sweet. I'm excited to see where this goes, if it ends in a friendship or more.
Either way, I've been walking on sunshine for the past three days. Wish me luck. :)
I feel as brand new as a little kitten. :)
Someday, I might share this post with him. Or else I might delete it in shame, blush furiously, and say "What post?"

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