Saturday, April 28, 2012


There is no other title for this day. That is the only thing that remains specific about it. My mother has officially passed the mushroom jar collection on to me! I'm so happy, you don't even know! I already had one mushroom candle holder, a mushroom vase, and a mushroom napkin holder, as well as one mushroom jar, and this just made my day! Maybe even my week!
Aren't they beautiful? Now all I need is an endless supply of money and Etsy access to complete the collection! If I can have anything next...I want a mushroom teapot. I think it would be amazing. 
To all those who wonder how the mushroom obsession started, well, it began with Alice in Wonderland. I somehow became obsessed with Alice in Wonderland fan art, and a lot of it had mushrooms in it. And from there, the obsession boiled down to just...MUSHROOMS! 

I felt the need to add in a serious picture as well. :)

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