Monday, May 28, 2012

At the bottom of my heart, there's really not much.

So today was mildly traumatic for me. I crashed my brother's car. There's not much damage, and no one was hurt, but my mother's reactions hurt just as bad as they always do. I went into my room and cried.
A friend, Felicia, showed up at my door spontaneously, because she must have some sort of radar for when something is wrong. For the next hour, she helped me get everything in order and clean my room. It's about halfway done, but the hardest parts of this battle are finished. I just didn't want her to leave.
In another situation with a friend, things are not going so happily, and I wish that I could just fly away from all of this, I wish that I could just be like Enid, from the movie Ghost World.
It's time for me to hang up my star halo and let Hello Kitty take the smaller things away from me. I have important things to deal with.

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