Thursday, May 24, 2012

If I dance these days away.

My first week of being a free agent! Most of my time has been spent with friends and cruising online. Nothing earth shattering. I haven't discovered the cure for any diseases yet, but hey, give it time. 
 Found an abandoned house when Felicia and I went to visit Leah. It's pretty, isn't it? I wonder of those orbs are all a bunch of ghosts. More likely than not, they're just balls of dust. But a girl can dream!
 Here is Leah, investigating the old outhouse from the house we found. Most of the floor had fallen victim to time already, but the cement parts were still intact. Shortly after this picture was taken, the neighbors of the abandoned house came out with dogs and chased us away from it.
After being chased away from the abandoned house, we went stargazing and were terrorized by more baying dogs, though they were fenced in, so it only sounded as though they were coming to rip us apart. Sadly, I do not have any pictures of this, because stargazing is something that is done in the dark, and the flash of a camera in that sort of stillness is absolutely unholy. And, it wouldn't have caught any star pictures anyway.
 Leah's sister was kind enough to lock all of us out and leave us to find our own way inside, even though she was sitting on the sofa, watching television.
 Oh look! I took an "artsy" picture of a light. Ooooh. Aaah. Can't you just feel my boredom radiating off of this webpage? We were in the garage for at least 15 minutes, probably more.
 I'm leaving for vacation in a few days, so I prepped my suitcase by spray painting it gold-bronze. Isn't it lovely?
 Here it is, not looking so blurry. You can see a few mistakes on the front, but I love them. They give the piece so much more character!
 A close up of the buckle. I thought it looked especially pretty.
 Reconnecting with my My Chemical Romance music, I was inspired to make this Party Poison shirt. I made it by bleaching the design in, then painting it with acrylic paint, and putting parchment paper over the paint and ironing it.
 A better picture, again not as blurry.
 My wall. Boredom again.
 Another picture of the Party Poison shirt.
Yep. The final one.

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