Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunshine and sparkles and all the nice things

So, it's not a day to remember or anything, but I woke up with a smile on my face this morning, and that makes it special to me. I spent the night at Leah's last night, and I can honestly tell you that she is my favorite person in the entire world.
Around 12:30, I was escorted into town by her father, who dropped me off for the last couple moments of church, and then I meandered--somewhat reluctantly--home to eat salad and a vegetarian burger. After this, I went out to do my favorite chore. It's not even really a chore to me. I swept my front porch and steps, taking care and being meticulous with my broom, making certain not to miss a single nook or cranny.
I had my special music in my ears the entire time I was doing this--not my Chevelle or anything of that sort, oh no. Sweeping the front porch calls for a special type of music. Lesley Gore, vintage Madonna, Herman's Hermits, perhaps a nip of Amy Winehouse or She and Him, if I feel a bit like cheating.
My soul is absolutely flying today. I don't think anything could damper my spirits.
Upon cleaning out our house, my mother gave me these salt and pepper shakers from the 1950s to put in my apartment someday. They are absolutely the most darling things I have ever seen. Here they are, nestled with my mushroom jars for now.
Stay tuned for a DIY soon! I have just made a present for my sister's birthday, and I also have my graduation open house coming up soon, which I will be making all of my own centerpieces for. I've missed the old days when this was a DIY blog, and I've decided to bring that back soon!
Can't wait to show you my newer projects!

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