Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm just a stargazer at heart

Yes...I have made a playlist for looking at the stars. These are just a few songs that give me a sense of peace. Some of them are obscure indie tunes, but most of them are easy to find. I promise.
I hope that you enjoy this. I enjoyed making this.

1. Mechanical Bride "Umbrella (cover)"

2. Emmy The Great "North"

3. Augustana "Sweet And Low (acoustic)"

4. Mumford & Sons "The Cave"

5. Smoke Fairies "Dragon"

6. Emmy The Great "Paper Forest (In the Afterglow of Rapture)"

7. Laura Marling "Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)"

8. Brandi Carlile "Turpentine (acoustic)"

9. The Paper Kites "Willow Tree March"



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