Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY--Drawing With Bleach

Yes! See? I told you I'd post one soon. It's been a long time, I know, but I felt like it was time.
This didn't take me that much time, and it looks pretty cool, no?
It's really difficult to keep the fabric in place to paint on it with the bleach, but by gum, I think I've done it!
I drew light bulbs because it seemed somehow appropriate for a black shirt. The smear you see on the left shoulder (its right, our left) is leftover chalk from where I drew a draft of the design.
For this, what you need is a wee bit of bleach, gloves, a bucket of water, a paint brush, chalk, and cardboard. Oh, and make sure you do it outside.
Put the cardboard in the shirt to keep it as taught and rigid as possible. Use chalk to draw in your design. It can be anything. A picture, text, whatever.
Using your brush, paint bleach over the chalk.
Allow to set, until you can see that the fabric has lightened considerably.
Dunk shirt in bucket of water to rinse out excess bleach.
Allow to dry before wearing.

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